Monday, March 26, 2007

Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog: Requiring surgeries to be videotaped

Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog: Requiring surgeries to be videotaped:

beige_quote.bmpRequiring surgeries to be videotaped
Believe it or not, there is a bill in Massachusetts suggesting just a thing. A plaintiff malpractice lawyer's dream? Surprisingly, they are against the idea as well.

I read the actual paper. Its amazing, audio and video. I thought we had it rough in New Jersey, but this is worse than anything I've seen here.


SeaSpray said...

Hi - off topic, but I just added NYU Medical Center to my urology links because you can watch videos of various robotic surgeries. I viewed the psoas hitch video - really cool! Amazing what technology can do!

It was interesting to see what things look like inside from a surgeon's perspective. My last stent was a jj stent and so it was interesting to have the visual to all the words I have heard or read about all year.

Do you know of any site that might have a video on an open surgery for a psoas hitch?

I have a friend that was able to watch a video of her surgeon performing a hip replacement. Even though she is a nurse and used to being in the OR, she said one part of the surgery was a little tough to watch (I think they break the hip?)but she could see how good he was and it gave her a lot of confidence to know what to expect.

I would really like to see an open surgery for a psoas hitch. So interesting! :)

SeaSpray said...

Dr. Schoor is "The Independent Urologist" who is starting his solo practice down in Long Island and has some interesting perspectives. I thought that you may be interested in his blog if you haven't already seen it. He's on my links, along with you and others.

It is really funny how life works out. 2 years ago, in my wildest dreams - I never would have thought that I would be interested in urology. When the "plumbing" works - you don't think about it. :)

After the first doc removed the 6mm stone, I actually thought I was done. It never occurred to me that all of this could happen.

I didn't know it was possible to become so obsessed with bodily functions.

Have a great day!

Oh - why is it that when it comes to gathering urological info - everything seems to be about the penis and the prostate? There seems to be an abundance of that info available but not a whole lot on reconstructive surgery. or am I just looking in all the wrong places?

Domenico Savatta, M.D. said...

The answer to a lack of information on reconstructive surgery has to due with the amount of people having that problem.

Not many people need that type of surgery, so the amount of time people spend writing about it is fairly small.

Ive read the independent urologist- very good blog.