Thursday, March 15, 2007

Prostate Treatment. Enlarged Prostate Help.: BPH Treatment

Prostate Treatment. Enlarged Prostate Help.: BPH Treatment:
The final form of surgery used today is the open prostatectomy. Carried out
under general anesthetic, an incision is made in the lower abdomen to allow the
surgeon to gain access to the prostate and the inner core of the prostate is
then removed. Patients will normally remain in hospital for several days and
will also be required to use a catheter for a time at home after surgery.
Recovery from open surgery typically takes about three to six weeks during which
time patients may experience a moderate degree of pain or discomfort. The main
side effect of open surgery is incontinence which will be seen in about 6% of

In my practice I have converted my prostates that are too big and would require the open prostatectomy to robotic prostatectomy.

The robotic simple prostatectomy is much more difficult to perform than the dvP (robotic prostatectomy) for cancer, but has less side effects than the cancer one and is a great option for men with prostates greater than 80 grams. The only common side effect is retrograde ejaculation. I believe I have one of the worlds largest series of these operations (9 operations).

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