Friday, March 9, 2007

UroStream: Weird question of the week

UroStream: Weird question of the week

"Can I have sex with my catheter in?"

Interesting reading the comments.

I have a hard time with some of my patients after robotic prostatectomy in regards to sexual function.
The 2 important questions are when to start viagra/levitra/cialis after surgery. Some urologists do not use it at all, some use it even before surgery, and some after the catheter comes out.

It is unclear how long patients need to wait to have intercourse after their catheters are removed. Some say 6 weeks, some 4, and some less. I used to say 2 weeks until 1 man had a painful time after 2 weeks. Since then I have patients wait at least 3 weeks.

Ive had several patients have intercourse in less time than that, with the record being 9 days. Ive had some patients have erections with the catheter in and without medicines, but have never thought they may give it a shot with the catheter in. I may need to change my postoperative instructions.


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SeaSpray said...

As a female recipient - I would be concerned - seriously! Are the male foley caths a lot smaller? I am picturing the big white thing that feeds into the clear tube. Maybe it has just been awhile and my memory is making it larger than it is. Didn't someone say they fold it over? Yikes!