Thursday, April 5, 2007

Removing the wrong testicle

All the steps to prevent this wrong-site surgery went awry.

Source: Kevin, MD

This is the second time I remember Kevin MD finding wrong site surgery in my field, urology.

The last time was on a kidney:

I read some of these comments and without taking sides, here are some facts:
The cancerous testicle should have been removed when he first has cancer. I am sure the physicians advised him of this many years ago.

As for all the risks he will be exposed to, they are inaccurate. The main problem with removing the incorrect testicle has to do with infertility. He will not be able to father his own children. He wanted a vasectomy, so this should not be as big of a deal as it otherwise would be.
The other side effects can be prevented with testosterone replacement.

Several of my testicular cancer patients are on testosterone for supplementation since their remaining testicle isn't producing enough anyways.

As for what amount is appropriate for compensating this poor gentleman, I guess that depends on how you look at it.

The last point I had a problem with is the patient saying he did not read the consent. I do not have my patients read the entire consent, but I do read the important points to them. They can read it if they want to.

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