Saturday, March 17, 2007

bookofjoe: What's on your email signature?

bookofjoe: What's on your email signature?:

What's on your email signature?

Olivia Barker's February 28, 2007 USA
Today article focused on the new new thing: putting your entire life story along
with your resumè, a list of personal references and various and sundry
disclaimers after your name in outgoing emails.
Mine is short but sweet and
appears above as the illustration for this post.

Intersting post. This was mine:

Domenico Savatta, MD
Chief of Minimally Invasive and
Robotic Adult Urologic Surgery
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Associates in Urology, LLC
741 Northfield Ave.
West Orange, NJ 07052

Robotic Surgery Blog

I got rid of my position at the hospital after reading this. I like my blog logo however and will keep it.


SeaSpray said...

What criteria do you use in determining if a patient should have open vs robotic surgery? Or, what would cause you to opt for open surgery on a patient?

Thanks! :)

Domenico Savatta, M.D. said...

Most of my major surgery is done robotically currently.

For prostate cancer, it has been 100% for the last 2+ years.

I perform most of my kidney, bladder, ureter, and prostate surgery robotically.

If I think an operation is too difficult to do without having my hands in the body, then I will opt for open. The main operations are removing parts of the kidney for cancer if the tumor is large or close to the middle of the kidney. It allows me to ice the kidney better.

Significant scar tissue can be a barrier as well. Most of the time I can deal with this. In these cases I have sometimes started robotically and then converted to open if it is too difficult.

SeaSpray said...

Interesting - Thank you. :)